5 Gift Suggestions for Men - April Gift Guide 2019

Everyone likes receiving a gift, even guys who feel like you shouldn't bother looking.  What this means is that whatever anyone says, you should go ahead and just get them something.  The hard part is what. 

This is where we come in.  Our monthly gift guides for him have worked wonders in the past and has helped plenty in finding that thoughtful piece for that special someone.  In this guide, we cover 5 main areas that guys love and a little something that we found that would make an incredible gift.  Now the only thing you need to do is choose!


Designer sunglasses are all the hype, except for the price tag.  Yes the majority of them are overpriced and extremely fragile.  But we found a timeless look at an incredibly affordable price.

Apart from its timelessness, we can also guarantee that they have UV protection. 


No matter the season, a good pair of trainers can go a long way and is heavily appreciated by any guy.  Skip the expensive brands and present something that will last a lifetime.

These trainers are not only great on your feet but also can match with absolutely anything.


There comes time when boys outgrow posters and opt for actual decorations.  The artwork that is seen in his flat can speak volumes about that person's personality.

Do you think you know him well enough?  If so, gifting a piece of artwork can communicate a little something about your relationship.  Whatever the case, you'll need a frame that will fit your pieces needs.

Kitchen Gadget

If the majority of the world’s greatest chefs are men, well the gentleman in your life should fall into this category as well.

You'd be surprised at how investing in great kitchen gear will add that much more excitement in the kitchen. 


If you think backpacks were a thing of the past, think again.  More and more professional are leaving the messenger bags and briefcases for the trendy backpack.

Take a look at this leather pack we found.  It's great for all situations whether you're heading into the office or going on a hike.